What is the PE Passport

The PE Passport is simply unique! The quality within its content; the breadth of coverage and its portability make it simply a must-have! Written and designed by primary school teachers and leaders with PE specialism and years of experience of teaching PE it is the answer to all PE leaders; senior leaders and teachers dreams!
Furthermore you are only ever tied into a one year contract, so confident are we that you will want to renew at the discounted rate in Year 2 and ongoing.

Purchased as an APP the PE Passport is a portable Physical Education planning, assessment and tracking tool designed to enable all Primary School teachers to deliver enjoyable, active and high quality sessions. The PE Passport is child centred and allows pupils' achievement s in and out of school to be recorded and tracked from Reception right through to Year 6.

Within the PE Passport schools have access to a full curriculum of engaging, interactive P.E lessons for each year group with each lesson containing clear, progressive learning objectives; differentiated activities and videos to support the narrative.

Teachers can quickly assess and monitor the progress of each individual easily within the curriculum whilst coordinators can track children's levels of participation and competition in extra-curricular clubs, events and competitions

The PE Passport is created by PE specialists who share a passion for developing a high quality PE provision which is challenging, progressive and memorable.

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This informational video gives you a brief overview of what we offer, how it works and how we link all the pieces together.

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The solution to delivering PE

Designed by PE specialists for enjoyable, effective PE

Curriculum PE

A comprehensive directory of detailed plans supported by videos and resources, that provides teachers with the tools to deliver active, fun and challenging lessons in line with the National Curriculum.

Measuring Impact

Want to show evidence and the impact of teaching and learning? The Passport allows all staff to store videos and photographs. The perfect tool for monitoring and an invaluable tool for moderation and CPD.


In a blink of an eye monitor which pupils are regularly injured; forgetting kit or even absent on the day you teach PE. The Passport highlights these non- participants allowing you to act!

Objective Based

All areas of our tracking, assessment and unit plans work towards industry specific based objectives.

Self Assessment

How reflective are your pupils? Do they know how to make progress within PE? Pupil Voice¦ Powerful for pupils providing data as to their attitudes to PE and their perceptions of progress; so important also for reflective teachers. Our self-assessment is quick for children to use and purposeful in supporting their learning progress, as well as key in supporting chidrens's journey to physical literacy.

Extra Curricular & school sport

Tired of spending hours analysing data? The Passport enables you to set up electronic registers and monitor numbers participating and competing by groups e.g. gender, disadvantaged pupils etc.


Simple assessment of the child's assessment against their ability to perform; to work collaboratively and to compete. Our tracking, builds a profile of the individual'™s attainment and progress as well as progress across year groups and the whole school.
A dream for any PE subject leader!

Videos and diagrams

Short, simple video clips and diagrams supporting lesson delivery with primary age children performing and teacher voice-overs capturing the activities set out in the plans.

Reports and Analysis

Need to show impact? The software in the PE Passport allows you to draw down reports on standards in PE across the school as well as participation and competition; all supported by video and photographic evidence!


We recommend using formative (ongoing) assessment each lesson using the principles of AFL. At the end of each unit users can make a summative assessment against children’s ability to perform; their Personal and Social Development and their attainment in competing using the formative assessments gathered over the course the unit. EYFS children are assessing against age and stage related outcomes in the Early Learning Goals.

Example Lesson Video

Our videos are made with both the teachers and pupils in mind.
They offer direct and fun game based learning that is specific to the National Curriculum. All our videos are related specificially to the lesson plan content we provide.

How can it help you?

The PE Passport can be just the starting point for your PE lessons.


The PE Passport is designed around the National Curriculum 2014. It provides a comprehensive range of lesson plans which provide active challenging and progressive content. The PE passport's portability as an APP allows teachers to record multimedia to support their judgements on standards and to use as AFL for subsequent sessions.


Pupils will be delivered a broad, balanced and high quality curriculum. This should lead to more children becoming genuinely physically literate with transferable skills. The emphasis on intra school competition in the PE Passport will also enable children to apply those skills they have been taught and experience those very important skills of winning and losing; alongside developing a sporting attitude.

Subject Leaders

Subject Leaders will love the fact that they can log in and access evidence of teaching and learning across the whole school. Not only that but they can use the assessment results to plan how to spend next year's budget by addressing any areas of weakness through CPD or resources. Valuable time can be saved accessing reports on numbers participating in extra-curricular and on the school's competitive results.

Senior Leaders

With the pressure to demonstrate IMPACT the PE Passport will enable you to demonstrate standards and progress over time in learning, participation and competition. Your reports to governors and Sports Premium report will be so much easier to compile with all of the evidence at your fingertips. The PE Passport provides you with the ability to produce and access all the results and data you need with instant feedback. Display whole school or individual trends on performance or attitudes within Physical Education at your school.

Our Partners

PE Passport are proud to work with a variety of innovative partners, further improving PE education and delivery, as well as Health and Wellbeing for children


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PE Passport

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The complete Primary PE Passport package includes all the following features:

  • Whole School access to user friendly platform
  • Over 1200 lesson plans with instructional diagrams and videos
  • Simple formative and summative assessment options
  • Evidence gathering and progress tracking through e-portfolio generation
  • Pupil voice and self assessment tool
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis of data
  • Extra curricular registers and recording
  • Personal Challenges and activity progress tracker
  • Competitions and event calendar
  • Subject Leader toolbox with over 50 helpful documents to help you coordinate PE in school
  • 80 Lively Literacy and Moving Maths cross curricular resources
  • Video support library with over 500 videos
  • Plus FREE resources from selected health partners

Personalise Your PE Passport

  • Do you have your own SOW, resources or assessment criteria?
  • Use this platform to consolidate, monitor, report and track pupil progress.

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